Zephyr Linux: Zippy Performance, Zero Decor

Zephyr Linux: Zippy Performance, Zero Decor

By Jack M. Germain

Mar 30, 2017 4:24 PM PT

Zephyr Linux is a newcomer to the Linux scene, and it is still morphing from developmental releases. However, it takes an interesting approach to removing desktop clutter and default software bloat.

Zephyr is a collaboration between Leonard Ashley and other developers. Ashley built this infant distro on Devuan 1.0 beta 2 stable (Jessie) Linux. Devuan is a fork of Debian Linux.

Note: Do not confuse Zephyr Linux with the Linux Foundation’s Zephyr Project — a lightweight Linux OS for the Internet of Things.

Ashley gives the concept of minimalist design a fresh twist in Zephyr Linux, which is stripped down so you can remake it your way.

Zephyr Linux version 1.0 beta 2 stable, released late last year, is available in a separate ISO file for each of three non-intimidating desktops — Fluxbox, JWN and Openbox — which are fully customizable window managers that are light on resources, fast and stable. Each one gives you a similar full-featured desktop experience.

The visual displays have
little in the way of fancy trappings in all three options in Zephyr Linux. Openbox gives
you a full set of customization panels.

The window managers are a pseudo desktop. You also get a collection of computing tools that make Zephyr Linux functional out of the box.

Zephyr Linux is an extremely lightweight distro that runs very well. This distribution is primarily for desktop and laptop installs.

“I personally have felt that a lightweight, basic distribution would be more attractive, desired by many Debian and Devuan enthusiasts,” Ashley told LinuxInsider. “I enjoy very much providing a robust, solid distribution with the minimum of applications, providing a small selection of default applications.”

He is dedicated to keeping Zephyr simple yet fully functional with the basic default applications. His goal is to keep the distribution image small and as a hybrid USB install. It is under 600 MB.

“Default apps should be, in my opinion, doing its job and not just adding the smallest application as a default,” Ashley said.

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