Yes, and…

Yes, and…

By Denis Pombriant • CRM BuyerECT News Network

Aug 10, 2017 9:06 AM PT

The further we go in the CRM adventure, the less our efforts seem to be about technology. That’s because we’re reaching a theoretical limit, or asymptote, on what technology can do in the vendor-customer relationship.

Think of an asymptote as the ceiling that a graph never reaches as it curls over to the horizontal. Increasingly, we’re encountering situations where the best technology can do is assist humans as they deal with complex issues and other people pursuing products and services. This is not to say that technology doesn’t do a very good job handling the simple stuff.

All this was brought home to me recently in some Harvard Business Review articles and in my own explorations in Chicago, where I got indoctrinated in the ways of the comedy troupe Second City. First Harvard.

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