Why Facebook’s Willow Beats Apple’s Saucer

Why Facebook’s Willow Beats Apple’s Saucer

By Rob Enderle

Jul 31, 2017 10:39 AM PT

knocked it out of the park with its financials last week, and a lot of its success comes from Zuckerberg’s unique focus. Unlike other firms that jump from project to project, ranging widely from what makes them money — like Google — Facebook stays close to what made it successful. There is no stronger evidence than when you compare the two office projects from Apple and Facebook.

The huge Apple Flying Saucer (sadly, it doesn’t fly) is nearing completion. Facebook recently announced it too was building a new showcase site,
called “Willow,” but Facebook was building the first arcology at scale.

This will give Facebook some bragging rights. While its new campus might not be as advanced-looking as Apple’s, it will be more socially, environmentally and organizationally attuned. millennials really like two of those three concepts a lot, suggesting Facebook will be more attractive to the best and brightest, and that its site will be more advanced where it counts.

I’ll explain why Facebook will soon set the bar when it comes to forward-looking office design at scale, and why its new facility may represent the future of office design.

I’ll close with my product of the week: the Sleeptracker, an interesting sleep aid from Beautyrest.

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