What Will Rise From Uber’s Ashes?

What Will Rise From Uber’s Ashes?

By Jeff Kagan

Aug 12, 2017 11:11 AM PT

There has been quite a bit of churn in the waters around Uber during the last few years. Now tha t founder Travis Kalanick is no longer CEO, what does the future look like for the company, workers, drivers, investors and customers? Will Uber continue to grow and lead, or has it seen its best days?

Most people connected to the company probably would say the same thing: They want calm but rapid growth. There is now a good possibility for growth if they get the right CEO and right strategy. However, Uber has been like two different companies in recent years.

On one hand, it created a new space — that is its biggest accomplishment. Whether Uber lasts or not, the space will, and that can be traced to Uber’s use of wireless and smartphone technology, like the wireless data network and the wireless Internet.

On the other hand, behavior of certain key people has not been good. Issue after issue — and there were quite a few — kept them in the headlines in a negative way, and that was a drag on the company. The company was like someone with behavioral problems. In one respect it was a superhero — but in another, was miserable and very troubled.

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