Trump Wants Tech Leaders to Help Save $1 Trillion

Trump Wants Tech Leaders to Help Save $1 Trillion

By John P. Mello Jr.

Jun 20, 2017 3:50 PM PT

President Donald Trump aims to save taxpayers US$1 trillion over the next 10 years with a little help from America’s high-tech industry.

“Our goal is to lead a sweeping transformation of the federal government’s technology that will deliver dramatically better services for citizens,” the president said Monday at a roundtable session of the American Technology Council, composed of the leaders of 18 U.S. tech firms including Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

“We’re embracing big change, bold thinking and outsider perspectives to transform government and make it the way it should be, and at far less cost,” he declared.

Outdated federal IT is a big problem, the president acknowledged, but “we’re going to be working on it and we’re going to solve the problem, and up to a trillion dollars in savings for taxpayers over the next 10 years. Over a trillion.”

Although savings from upgrading federal IT could be substantial, the $1 trillion number may be overly optimistic.

“The president’s estimate of $1 trillion in savings over a decade sounds like it was made up in the fly,” Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT, told TechNewsWorld.

The president also told participants in the roundtable discussion that his administration is fixing airport systems, upgrading Defense Department and Veterans Administration systems for seamless transfer of information between the agencies, and working diligently on immigration so tech companies can get the foreign workers they need to continue to innovate.

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