Taking Business Communication in Stride

Taking Business Communication in Stride

By Peter Suciu

Sep 7, 2017 3:40 PM PT

HipChat creator
Atlassian on Thursday announced the development of new team communication service dubbed “Stride,” a Slack-like workplace tool designed to streamline the communication process for business users.

Stride enables teams to take action via both a smart text-based messaging service and a fully featured video and audio service. The latter functionality is made available thanks to Atlassian’s recent acquisition of Jitsi. The idea is to allow team members to convene instantly with built-in voice and video meetings that integrate conversations with collaborative tools.

Instead of setting up a conference call, for example, team members can jump onto Stride and have online face-to-face conversations that get straight to the task at hand.

The collaborative tools feature so-called smart-chat functionality meant to keep meetings on point and moving forward. This is accomplished via Actions and Decisions — tools that isolate important discussion elements, label them appropriately, and then display them neatly on a sidebar that is accessible at any time.

To avoid being intrusive or distracting, Stride has a Focus Mode that makes it simple for users to mute notifications while alerting other team members that particular individuals should not be disturbed.

This new collaborative team tool will be released as a free version that includes the group audio and video functionality, along with unlimited support. This follows Atlassian’s trademark strategy of providing freemium offerings with limited storage capacity. Stride currently provides 5 GB of file storage and archiving of the last 25,000 messages for free.

Those looking for a deeper Stride experience can take advantage of the subscription model: US$3 per user, per month gets unlimited storage, screen sharing, guest access and advanced user functionality.

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