Take Marketing Off Autopilot and Get Creative

Take Marketing Off Autopilot and Get Creative

By Chris Bucholtz • CRM BuyerECT News Network

Apr 19, 2017 5:00 AM PT

More than a quarter of marketers went into marketing because they wanted to be creative, researchers have found. So why do so many B2B marketing efforts seem exactly the same?

The reason, in part, is that some things work well. In nature, convergent evolution leads different kinds of organisms to similar solutions when they work. The number of strategies that will lead to success is limited.

Marketers don’t simply echo the successful efforts of other marketers, though — they also parrot things that don’t really work.

You’d think in this era of analytics that marketers would be ruthless in killing off ineffective strategies. Marketers are often inexplicably fond of some of them, though, and they cling to them beyond the point of logic.

Writers understand this: The expression, “kill your darlings,” often is used to coach writers to exclude content or quotes they love if they interfere with the effectiveness of the story. It is a cruel business. So is marketing.

Here’s a sampling of some marketing darlings that need killing.

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