T-Mobile Starts Building Low-Band Wireless Network in the Sticks

T-Mobile Starts Building Low-Band Wireless Network in the Sticks

By David Jones

Aug 22, 2017 10:33 AM PT

T-Mobile last week announced that it has begun the long-anticipated rollout of its new 600-MHz LTE premium low-band spectrum network in Cheyenne, Wyoming, kicking off a massive rollout designed to provide wireless coverage to rural communities across the United States.

T-Mobile also plans to use the low-band spectrum to accelerate deployment of next-generation 5G mobile service.

T-Mobile acquired about 45 percent of the low-band spectrum licenses the Federal Communications Commission made available two months ago. It spent about US$8 billion to gain access to millions of potential wireless customers in small communities where access to wireless and broadband coverage has been limited due to low-density populations and high buildout costs.

T-Mobile aims to meet a record-setting deployment schedule, it said, condensing a two-year deployment process to make the network available to consumers in only six months.

“T-Mobile has seen rapid growth in recent years,” observed Jeff Kagan, an independent telecom analyst.

The one area where it has not grown is the rural U.S., he told the E-Commerce Times.

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