SugarCRM Launches Hint, 1st in Relationship Intelligence Line

SugarCRM Launches Hint, 1st in Relationship Intelligence Line

By Richard Adhikari • CRM BuyerECT News Network

Jun 28, 2017 5:00 AM PT

SugarCRM on Tuesday launched Hint, the first offering in its new line of relationship intelligence products.

Hint users can enter a few contact details about a person with whom they want to connect, and Hint automatically will search social sources on the Web for personal and company information.

That data, and other personal and corporate details from a company’s internal files, will be collated and served up to the user in a side-panel view.

“Hint is the building block for future relationship intelligence product offerings, which will go deeper into AI,” said SugarCRM spokesperson Andrew Staples.

Artificial intelligence requires large data sets, and “as Hint evolves, it will allow us to get the data needed and then layer predictive analytics and machine learning on top of that data,” Staples told CRM Buyer.

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