Slackel Openbox Plays Hard to Get

Slackel Openbox Plays Hard to Get

By Jack M. Germain

Mar 16, 2017 3:03 PM PT

Slackel’s Openbox edition is a lightweight operating system that offers reliable performance once you get the box open. It is not an ideal OS for every user, though.

Slackel 6.0.8 Openbox, the latest version of the Greece-based project’s lightweight distribution, was released by developer Dimitris Tzemos last fall.

Slackel is a Linux distro that offers several benefits for users who step away from the typical mainstream Debian-based Linux distros. Based on both Slackware and Salix, it offers a few advantages not usually found with the Slackware Linux lineup.

For example, Slackel is fully compatible with both Slackware and Salix software packages. The main difference is it includes the current version of Slackware and the latest version of KDE in the repository.

That gives Slackel a better reach for adding software. Slackware-based distros typically have far smaller software repositories than Debian-based distros and others. Think in terms of a few thousand packages compared to 35,000. Finding Linux packages that will run in Slackel is less of a challenge — but you will have slimmer pickings.

Slackel provides some of the best Slackware-based system tools, which is a big plus since Slackel also has all the Salix system tools present. It makes system administration easy and straightforward. The Salix codecs installer application installs patent-encumbered codecs quickly and easily.

Openbox is similar to the
Xfce desktop with fewer configuration options. Click anywhere on the
desktop to get a fully populated menu — but you can not place icons on
the desktop or launchers on the panel bar.

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