SharkLinux OS Is Destined for Success

SharkLinux OS Is Destined for Success

By Jack M. Germain • LinuxInsiderECT News Network

Jul 17, 2017 4:52 PM PT

SharkLinux OS is one of those very rare newcomer distributions that has “Future Big Winner” written all over it.

Over my many years of reviewing Linux software and distros for Linux Picks and Pans, I have found that the story of what spurred the developer to create the distro often showcases the driving power that enables open source software.

That is the case with SharkLinux OS, which has an interesting back story — a tale of innovation and ingenuity. SharkLinux OS delivers a good performance early in its development cycle, and that makes the developer’s experience an eye-opener for what distro makers endure for the love of their craft.

A bit of confusion sparked my interest in fishing around for the history of SharkLinux. I initially stumbled on a Shark Linux distro established in 2004 while researching new releases on
DistroWatch. Its definition was intriguing, partly due to that distro’s Gentoo Linux roots. However, DistroWatch showed it as discontinued.

Sure enough, the website was unloadable. Upon more searching, I found links to brief discussions of another distro dubbed “SharkLinux OS” that led me to its active website. There I found the developer’s comments about taking a one-month halt to issuing his normal weekly build releases.

That triggered the question: Were the two Shark distros related? Nowhere on DistroWatch or the SharkLinux OS website could I find definitive details or contact information. Even the developer’s name seemed to be a big secret.

Ultimately, I tracked down the of a person identified as the project’s maintainer — Marcus Petit. More searching uncovered an email address.

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