Red Hat Linux Upgrade Pushes New Security, Automation Tools

Red Hat Linux Upgrade Pushes New Security, Automation Tools

By Jack M. Germain

May 23, 2017 2:02 PM PT

Red Hat on Tuesday announced the availability of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 beta.

RHEL 7.4 includes new security and compliance features and streamlined automation, along with tools for improved systems administration.

This latest upgrade comes nearly three years into the series 7 lifecycle. It continues to provide enterprises with a rich and stable foundation for both existing applications and a new generation of workloads and solutions.

“RHEL 7.4 enables data centers to continue running mission-critical stuff. We rarely see the particular features any more. We just take the technology for granted,” said Steve Almy, principal product manager for RHEL at Red Hat.

The security aims to eliminate users’ fear of breaches and the pain that follows, dealing with at-scale deployments, he told LinuxInsider.

“The fear is that something bad will happen on the security side. The challenge is management at scale. This feature addresses both of those items for customers,’ Almy said.

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