Oracle’s Strategery

Oracle’s Strategery

By Denis Pombriant

Apr 10, 2017 2:24 PM PT

Watching Oracle’s cloud strategy roll out has been interesting, to say the least, and it’s given me renewed respect for its approach to the market. As a company that has been public for a long stretch of time, Oracle has displayed all the warmth of an anaconda. (I have friends there, and they are not anacondas, but I hope they know what I mean.)

Oracle knows its business and it’s making money, and it does it unabashedly, so I can understand criticisms of its pricing model or high maintenance fees, for example.

However, what’s coming into sharp focus as the cloud rollout gains momentum is another side of the business that is aggressively customer-focused. No one is confusing Oracle’s dyed-in-the-wool engineers with teddy bears, and I am not certain that they always communicate their concern for customers in humanistic ways, but their actions have been quite impressive.

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