Microsoft Shutters CodePlex, Will Migrate Projects to GitHub

Microsoft Shutters CodePlex, Will Migrate Projects to GitHub

By David Jones

Apr 3, 2017 4:08 PM PT

In a move that caps off its gradual embrace of open source in a bear hug, Microsoft last week announced that it would shutter its nearly 11-year-old CodePlex project site and migrate its library of work to GitHub.

Microsoft has invested in Visual Studio Team Services as its “One Engineering Project” for proprietary projects and exposed many key open source projects — such as Visual Studio Code, TypeScript and the Cognitive Toolkit — on GitHub, noted Brian Harry, vice president for cloud developer services at Microsoft.

The company has been forced to deal with a couple of major issues, such as a 2015 spam epidemic and a substantial decrease in usage, he said, with fewer than 350 projects getting a source commit over the past 30 days.

Microsoft disabled the ability to create new CodePlex projects on Friday. By October, projects on the site will be read-only, and the site will be shut down completely by Dec. 15.

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