MariaDB Offers a Bigger Box of Transactional Tools

MariaDB Offers a Bigger Box of Transactional Tools

By Jack M. Germain

May 30, 2017 1:31 PM PT

MariaDB last week announced the availability of MariaDB TX 2.0, a fully functional open source transactional database solution for modern application development and enterprise use cases.

MariaDB TX offers a comprehensive package of technology and services, including feature-rich new releases of MariaDB Server and MariaDB MaxScale, which close the functional gap between open source and proprietary offerings. It is part of a MariaDB’s larger effort to offer complete solutions to support specific workload needs, whether transactional, analytical or developer-focused.

The TX 2.0 release meets business technology needs for increased agility, scalability and security. It provides developers with an open and extensible database solution that lets them develop many different types of applications easily.

This release introduces JSON support and the MyRocks storage engine (alpha).

It also offers data masking to protect sensitive data, and result set limiting for denial-of-service protection, noted MariaDB spokesperson Shane Johnson.

“This ensures queries that would return too much data and impact database service/availability are blocked,” he told LinuxInsider.

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