HP Is Back: Should It Rename Itself Compaq?

HP Is Back: Should It Rename Itself Compaq?

By Rob Enderle

Jul 17, 2017 10:39 AM PT

just took over the PC market lead worldwide. You probably don’t get how incredible this is, so here’s an analogy: It’s as if a crooked referee put a bunch of lead on a racer who already was overweight and shuffled him to the back of the pack, but in the end, the guy finished first. You’d seriously want to look under his T-Shirt to see if you’d find Superman’s costume.

This isn’t Apple coming up with an iPod or iPhone and flanking the market — this is a firm that simply pushed on the gas pedal at a time when everyone said it was going in the wrong direction (PCs were dead, remember?) — and kicked everyone’s ass.

As impressive as that is, there’s more. This is also basically a brand new firm with a new focus, but people still see it with all the baggage the “HP” name brings, including the bad reflection from the massive mismanagement over at its sister company, HPE — which, in contrast to HP, had all the advantages but couldn’t seem to find the gas pedal.

This is a perfect example of why a firm should consider changing its name — and Compaq, a powerful brand it owns, could be the perfect answer.

I’ll expound on that and close with my product of the week: the Smartflower, which must be the coolest solar solution for your home in the world now.

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