HomePod Devs Stumble Upon Next iPhone Design Clues

HomePod Devs Stumble Upon Next iPhone Design Clues

By John P. Mello Jr.

Jul 31, 2017 4:11 PM PT

Developers combing through the code for the Apple HomePod have found clues to what appear to be features in the next generation of iPhones, and they tweeted their discoveries on Sunday.

The firmware for HomePod, Apple’s US$349 smart speaker expected in December, apparently contains much of the codebase for future iPhones. One of the goodies in the HomePod’s code is a new biometric method for unlocking an iPhone.

I can confirm reports that HomePod’s firmware reveals the existence of upcoming iPhone’s infra-red face unlock in BiometricKit and elsewhere pic.twitter.com/yLsgCx7OTZ

— Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) July 31, 2017

Me too. New bezel-less form factor as well pic.twitter.com/Y0RrSOk2OO

— Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) July 31, 2017

The use of facial recognition to unlock a phone has been around in the Android world for more than a year, and reactions have been mixed.

“Recent reviews of the face lock feature on Samsung’s Galaxy S8 remarked on the slowness of the process, its ineffectiveness in full daylight, and that early iterations were easily fooled with simple photographs,” noted Charles King, principal analyst at Pund-IT.

“Interestingly, face lock can’t be used to authenticate Samsung Pay purchases.,” he told TechNewsWorld.

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