Healthgrades’ CareChats Aims to Tear Down Doctor-Patient Wall

Healthgrades’ CareChats Aims to Tear Down Doctor-Patient Wall

By David Jones

Apr 21, 2017 10:51 AM PT

Healthgrades, an online resource to provide consumers with information about physicians and hospitals, on Wednesday launched CareChats, a tool that allows encrypted text and email conversations between patients and their healthcare providers.

Developed in partnership with
Conversa, CareChats enables doctors and hospitals to communicate with patients outside of visits. Among its uses are management of chronic conditions, communications before and after surgery, and lifestyle health coaching.

CareChats alerts providers when intervention is required, according to the companies, and encourages patients to either book an appointment online or contact doctors directly.

“Conversa’s innovative, scalable and reliable technology delivers an innovative and meaningful way for physicians, care teams and patients to communicate outside of office visits,” said Chris Edwards, chief marketing and experience officer at Conversa.

This approach leads “to more meaningful conversations and exchanges of information and overall better care,” he told CRM Buyer.

The CareChats tool integrates with the Healthgrades CRM platform, which is used to help doctors and hospitals better manage and communicate with existing and prospective patients.

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