Fatdog64: More Bark Than Bite

Fatdog64: More Bark Than Bite

By Jack M. Germain • LinuxInsiderECT News Network

Apr 6, 2017 7:00 AM PT

Fatdog64 has the potential to serve as an alternative lightweight OS to Linux distros such as Puppy Linux, Knoppix and Zephyr. However, it has some critical usability issues that need to be fixed first.

The latest update, released last month, does nothing to improve its disappointing performance. Fatdog64 seems to have lost its performance edge over earlier versions that made it more appealing as an alternative “frugal” Linux candidate.

The numerous Puppy Linux derivatives and Knoppix have solid reputations for fast and efficient performance on older, less powerful desktop and portable computers. Zephyr Linux is too new to have a reputation yet, but it is fast and stable, and it runs fully from a USB drive.

All three distros let you carry an entire Linux OS and all your documents and files on a bootable CD or USB drive to run on nearly all computers without having to install anything on hard drives.

Fatdog64 Linux is a small-footprint 64-bit Linux distribution that first appeared as a derivative of Puppy Linux. Early Fatdog64 versions made their mark by replicating the Puppy Linux design with additional applications that still loaded completely into RAM. That application bundle is the reason for the distro’s “chubby” name.

Fatdog64 outgrew its Puppy Linux leash and became an independent Linux distribution. The new release still has the look and feel of its Puppy Linux lineage, but its reliability and usability don’t measure up. It offers less and left me wanting more.

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