Experts Identify 6 Emerging Influencer Marketing Trends

Experts Identify 6 Emerging Influencer Marketing Trends

By Richard Adhikari

Jun 23, 2017 1:56 PM PT

Influencer marketing has become an area of strategic importance for marketing departments, according to a white paper
Traackr published Thursday.

B2B technology companies are aware of the trend, according to the paper’s coauthor, business consultant Mark Schaefer, but they lag in implementing influencer marketing programs.

Interviews with 10 marketing experts — including some who built influencer marketing programs at Microsoft, IBM and Samsung — suggest that influencer marketing requires a fundamental shift in the marketing department, noted Traackr CMO Kirk Crenshaw.

Companies have to rethink how to go to market, he said. They also must acquire new skills, reconfigure measurement methods, and relinquish at least partial control of the message.

Trust in the subject matter experts is critical.

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