Packs New Features, Services Into DB Upgrade Packs New Features, Services Into DB Upgrade

By Jack M. Germain

May 17, 2017 1:17 PM PT on Tuesday announced an upgrade to its open source CrateDB, and introduced a commercial version. The database now is available as a managed service as well.

CrateDB 2.0 features clustering enhancements and SQL improvements. The enterprise edition adds authentication and authorization features for enhanced security, which are not provided in the open source version.

It also includes performance-monitoring tools and support for user-defined query functions to enable more advanced in-database analytics, said Andy Ellicott, chief marketing officer at

CrateDB is an open source SQL database for real-time analytics of Internet of Things and machine data. Its typical work uses include manufacturing sensor data and device-generated GPS data.

CrateDB makes machine data applications that previously were found only in NoSQL solutions available to mainstream SQL developers.

“CrateDB 2.0 is designed to handle a fire hose of messy data and acquire it in real-time,” Ellicott told LinuxInsider.

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