Could Tech Nerf North Korea?

Could Tech Nerf North Korea?

By Rob Enderle

Jul 10, 2017 10:19 AM PT

When we have a hostile country regularly lobbing missiles into the ocean with the stated objective of transforming a U.S. state into a radioactive cloud, we have a problem. One “oops” and we could suddenly become a 49-state nation again — and that is only if we forget the issues with fallout and the potential for a nuclear winter (granted, that could be good news for the global warming folks).

However, the approaches to cutting the legs out from under North Korea largely have been in-the-box thinking: economic sanctions that require China’s cooperation (and aren’t working); military and assassination options that would trigger retaliation that likely would result in a lot of us glowing at night; and revolution efforts that have little or no chance of succeeding.

Still, there are companies that have been working on technologies that effectively could contain North Korea’s missiles and turn their leader into more of a vocal than a physical problem. Since I’m on the West Coast and possibly within range of his wrath, the idea of nerfing the guy appeals to me.

I’ll explain how tech could nerf North Korea and close with my product of the week: a memory module from Intel called “Optane,” which is amazing.

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