Building a Sales Team by the Numbers

Building a Sales Team by the Numbers

By Denis Pombriant

May 30, 2017 4:48 PM PT

I don’t know why more subscription vendors don’t do this. Subscription companies collect mountains of data from their customers, and analyzing the aggregations can deliver profound insights virtually for free. Yet too often subscribers are reluctant to let their data be stripped of identifying characteristics and used for research. Too bad, because there’s gold in that big data.

One subscription provider that isn’t afraid to do the analysis or to ask its customers to contribute to generating new knowledge is Xactly, the sales incentive compensation ninjas. For many years the company has captured data about sales performance and provided concrete information to its subscribers about things like attainment vs. quota and how they compare with peers.

One of the early findings they released was that women sales reps were more loyal and were better at delivering on-quota performance — yet they were paid a little less. Sad.

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