Analytics and Workflow

Analytics and Workflow

By Denis Pombriant

Mar 15, 2017 3:33 PM PT

There’s a big difference between B2C and B2B analytics that no vendors seem to be addressing, and it involves the consumption model. I recently spoke with K.V. Rao, founder and chief strategy officer of Aviso, an analytics company focused on sales, and his unabashed opinion is that “if you’re trying to expose insights and make things consumable, you have to address workflow.”

He made a very good point — especially for buyers who may be having trouble figuring out what they need. The analytics decision process runs through digital disruption (am I being left behind?) to big data (what do I do with it?) to analytics and machine learning (same stuff, right?).

At this point in a client discussion, I usually ask people to tell me the kind of information they want to get before thinking about products, but now I think this might be jumping the gun. Before asking what kind of information you want, it would be an excellent thing to better understand what processes or workflows you’re trying to influence.

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