A Solution for the Uber CEO’s Anger Problem

A Solution for the Uber CEO’s Anger Problem

By Jeff Kagan

Mar 31, 2017 5:00 AM PT

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has earned a reputation for having a short fuse. In addition to his apparent personal anger management issues, there are the stresses that come with running a giant company — and Uber recently has been losing executives. When it rains, it pours. What’s happening with Kalanick, and can Uber recover its mojo?

Many people have issues with anger, but few are in the spotlight. When you are in the spotlight, everyone pays attention. That’s especially so for people who have become successful and for those who are responsible for the well being of many others. For the very successful, it may seem as though everyone wants to take a shot. It may seem that everyone wants to bring you down.

That appears to be the case with Kalanick, but I have a different take. Cut Kalanick some slack, I say — he’s only human. Being CEO of one of the fastest-growing companies is a big accomplishment. Being able to build a company does not mean you can handle the pressure that comes with it. It’s a helluva challenge.

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