6 Reasons You Need CPQ

6 Reasons You Need CPQ

By Denis Pombriant

Sep 6, 2017 3:15 PM PT

Many businesses still don’t use configure, price, quote software in their routine sales processes. Maybe they don’t need it, but for businesses that still cling to spreadsheet-based approaches to track things like price lists and product catalogs, chances are good that they’re dealing with more overhead than they need to. Worse, they’re wasting time and therefore money.

The choice between quote accuracy and timeliness is a false dichotomy. Today you need to have both, or risk always being the best second choice.

Businesses without CPQ have to check and recheck quotes before they go out the door adding delay and the potential for error. All businesses need to update and edit their catalogs and price lists periodically, but without a CPQ system, they also need to ensure that the right, or current, documents are being used — a never-ending task.

As a result, these businesses have to focus on mechanical quote generation rather than the overall quote to cash process (QTC), which is more interesting and way more profitable. Following are some of the top reasons that CPQ automation is no longer optional for your business.

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